4 Tips On Starting Your Online Business

Have you ever wanted to be a “businessman” when you were young? Do you remember filling in your 3 future occupation choices back in primary school, and “businessman” was one of them? Starting a business is very common goal that many have and it has become seemingly easy with the growth of social media.


Social media has made doing business very simple and convenient. One could easily run a small online business entirely for free simply by using the tools that are provided on social media platforms. It is widely popular to see people selling items on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Carousell.

Here are some great tips for you to get started!


1. Sell Something That Has Your Interest

Although it does not fully affect one’s capability to run the business, it is important to sell something that you are familiar with or have interest in to ensure you can express your business to its full potential. Having the product knowledge gives you the advantage in selling power; this is something that customers can see and feel!



2. Know Where Your Customers Are

Knowing where to find your customers is key to maximising your sales. For example, if your customers are mainly students, it would be more effective to sell on Instagram instead of eBay. Placing and selling your products at the right place and the right time helps you garner a bigger traffic on your postings.



3. Discipline Is Key

Running your own business means that you are the boss of yourself; nobody tells you what to do and you have all the freedom of decision and choice! This also means you have the choice to be lazy, and it induces procrastination. Get off that bed, turn on the laptop and get hustling! Don’t let the comfort of freedom get to you!



4. Timing Is Everything

An online business has it perks; you can work from anywhere at anytime, as long as you have an Internet connection and a laptop. This also means that customers might enquire during off-office hours. Understanding your timing is vital in ensuring that you don’t miss out. Having a good environment that supports your operations, such as co-working spaces, ensures that you do not stumble upon unwanted obstacles.  Co-working passes such as OpenSpace is a great asset to have for online business owners in these situations.


It may become very tiring and demotivating when one starts their own business, but it is important to also persevere and be focused on your goal. Follow closely the path towards the goal, and you’ll be making that moolah in no time!




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