Here’s The Secret to Starting Your Entrepreneurship Journey

You’re an aspiring entrepreneur. You have a journal filled with business ideas, page after page, it’s all scribbled down in your book. You know your ideas will one day contribute to society. However, you don’t know where to start.

That’s the problem with many entrepreneurs today.

You could always start your business from the comfort of your own home, but often you end up on your comfy sofa watching Netflix. You could start planning your business model and pitch decks at a cafe, but expensive coffee and bad WiFi can seriously hurt your progress. Or you could start with us at OpenSpace—the solution to every entrepreneur’s need for space.

OpenSpace is your modern-day passport to coworking spaces all over Asia. Just download our iOS or Android app, purchase local or international passes, and begin your entrepreneurship journey wherever your heart leads you.



This app is targeted towards the digital nomads, business owners, the decentralised workforce, even people who have plans to work abroad. Daryll Tan, OpenMinds™ co-founder, realised that startups, entrepreneurs and nomad workers lacked the support and resources during the beginning of their career. The realisation was then turned into an initiative to build and connect a community through a workspace. Thus, OpenSpace was born.

“Our unique selling point is that we’re able to allow our target audience or users not to be committed or bogged down to one specific place,” said Daryll, “you’ll be able to travel and hop around because the more you hop around, the bigger the community you are able to build throughout your working life.”

OpenSpace is still working on including more coworking spaces across Southeast Asia, and eventually the whole of Asia ─ offering users the possibility of selecting from a long list of offices throughout Asia.



When asked about the benefits that OpenSpace may offer to these budding entrepreneurs, Business & Marketing Executive ─ Choo Kien Lam, said “OpenSpace will simply allow you to meet people easier. You will build networks with people who are likely to have the same frequency of mind-set as you.”

A basic local “passport” in Malaysia would cost USD38, and this would entail you with 3 Passes at any of the partnered-coworking space. You may also opt for the international “passport” that allows you to visit any of the coworking spaces throughout Asia at the minimum price of USD246.

Ong Xun Rui, who is responsible for Business Development, states that the team has been putting their all into developing the OpenSpace app, wanting users to have the best user experience possible. Everyone is often on-the-go, so by launching the mobile app first, it allows easier access and a more seamless experience.

According to Daryll, this is just the first phase for OpenSpace. Beyond being a passport for co-working spaces, the team’s passion is to really build OpenSpace to become a supportive network of entrepreneurs and mentors. Ultimately, we don’t just want you to kickstart your entrepreneurship journey, but we want to walk alongside you throughout the process.

As for the time being, we are driven to provide a space for you to get started. Whether it’s just a place to launch your world-changing business concept or a place to get connected with a community, we hope to be with you from the beginning.

Here’s a gift from us, to you ─ OS2018. Paste this into the promotional code tab to enjoy 10% off your co-working space passes. What’s the catch? Nothing at all. There is also no limit for this promo code as of now, so use away, and here’s to the beginning of something amazing!



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