How Co-working Spaces Can Benefit Small Business Owners

As small online businesses continue to grow, there’s always the debate on whether an office is necessary. After all, most work can be done on a laptop with decent WiFi.

While working from home or a cafe is cheaper than renting an office, others say it affects productivity. Coworking spaces, on the other hand, seem to be the solution to these woes, but are they worth the investment?

Here’s how coworking spaces can benefit business owners as a whole.

1. Distractions begone!

Distractions are one of the biggest hindrances to productivity. Working from home does have its perks; you’re comfortable and have everything you need within reach. The problem is that comfort can be a distraction, and productivity tends to drop when people get too comfortable.

Cafes, on the other hand, might be ideal but there are uncontrollable distractions that may deter us from our work, such as noise from customers, unstable WiFi or just bad music selection.
Thankfully, coworking spaces are optimised to ensure a conducive environment, which minimizes distractions to ensure you get the ball rolling.

2. Connect-working

The thing about coworking spaces is that the people there probably share the same mindset. They are business owners or freelancers, seeking opportunities as they work. Ultimately, this is where like-minded people can meet and potentially help each other out.

Looking for a designer? The lady sitting across the room could be the one you’re looking for. Need a programmer? That man who you just passed by at the pantry probably has the solution to your problems. These are some of the ways you might be able to build your network as you explore and grow your business.

3. Private & Peaceful Meetings

When you’re scheduled to meet a client, it’s definitely a no-go to have that meeting in your own house as it would be unprofessional. Meeting at cafes or restaurants are fine but having a meeting in public places may bring upon problems that is beyond our control, such noisy customers or full tables.

Having your meetings at a coworking space, however, enables you to have a peaceful and private meeting with your clients, as most coworking spaces do come with a meeting room that can be booked separately, and usually at an affordable price as well. You’ll be able to seal the deal with ease!

4. Affordability

One of the biggest costs when it comes to running a business is the rental. Having an office serves its purpose, but rental eats into the monthly budget and becomes a headache for budding business owners. Coworking spaces are generally much cheaper than traditional service offices, which is why more and more business owners are changing their minds to give coworking spaces a try.

And best of all, the duration of rental is usually very flexible, and you are free to choose how long you would like to rent the space for; be it for just a day, or for the entire year.

Coworking is shaping into what some would say, the future of business. It is growing and expanding in a fast pace, and it will be around for a long time. That’s why mobile apps such as OpenSpace exist to help users look for and book coworking spaces.

Seamless and easy, so that users can focus on the work and not worry about the small things. Your business will be booming in no time.



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